For Such A Time As This

Maximizing everyday moments to glorify God


on November 8, 2015

Jesus is enough. That was the title of one of my devotional studies this morning. Essentially, the message was, when we get to the point where all we have is Jesus, we have all we need. I’m guilty of thinking I need things like possessions, comfort, prosperity, prestige, you name it. I’ve also gotten comfortable and possibly off track in remembering that first and foremost, I need Jesus. Everything else is just above and beyond blessing.

God can take the minimal scraps of my life and turn them into something I never expected. He is able to make something from nothing. He is able to sustain without all the typical fanfare that I’ve become accustomed to having. When I’m at rock bottom, He works in ways that only He can.

God drove this point home later this morning. I got to church service and it was not “normal.” More people than normal were milling around outside the doors and it looked like the lobby was especially crowded. I made my way inside and learned there was no power on the campus. So, church was gathering in the lobby to make use of the outside light. Crowded, cramped and unable to hear, I considered leaving. And then I got a call from my friend who was there, and looking for me. She found me, grabbed my hand and led me up to where she had nestled a spot near the front.

12189717_10207489097495961_3008518694113925231_nNo microphones, no electric guitars, not video screens. Just acoustic worship and a message that reminded us that nothing can separate us from God’s love. My heart moved and tears welled up. This life can throw many hardships at us. Life can take twists and turns that we never expect. Life can take away everything we think we need. But then, that’s where God meets us. If I hold everything loosely, knowing it is a gift from God, my perspective is right.

When I heard worship service wouldn’t be “normal” I fretted. All the things that I thought I needed were essentially stripped away. No chairs, no electricity, no “experience.” How wrong I was. There was more power in that place than I have felt in a long time.

Because Jesus is enough. Period.


One response to “Enough

  1. Krista says:

    Amen, dear friend!

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