For Such A Time As This

Maximizing everyday moments to glorify God

Who’s really to blame?

on July 1, 2015

11200810_10206624359918062_3756386465695936549_nThis verse was printed along the top of a little community newspaper that came in yesterday’s mail. As I was gathering items to throw out, the paper being one of them, the words grabbed my attention and caused me to stop.

What perfect perspective.

Before I was saved, something that happened later in life, I was a well-seasoned sinner. My lifestyle reflected nothing of my upbringing in a church. I made choices that, but for the grace of God, would and could have killed me or rendered consequences that were life altering. And, I reveled in it. I certainly didn’t care to hear that my choices were 1) wrong, or 2) hurting me and others or especially, 3) going directly against what the Bible said.

Shoot, at that time, I didn’t even own a Bible. But I thought I was pretty righteous because I:

  • followed religious practices
  • prayed when I wanted something
  • apologized when I really messed up (only to revert to my wicked ways yet again)

But when something went seriously wrong, I had the nerve to ask God why, and even be mad at Him for letting that “happen to me.” I blamed Him for all my poor choices and the consequences thereof.

Now, I have two teenagers and have learned many lessons while struggling to raise them. One of the earliest lessons was trying to figure out how to administer consequences in love. When they purposely chose to do wrong, even after fair warning, the only option was punishment. As an over-protective mom, often times I just wanted to let things go. But, they had to know their choices were wrong and that there were punishments that had to follow disobedience.

God has used this to teach me. In reflecting on my pre-saved self, I can trace a solid line between my poor choices and the consequences of pain they caused. I have also realized that the blame is not on God, it’s all on me. But, in repentance and grace, I am forgiven.

These days, we see far too often that we revel in sin choices that go directly against what the Bible, what God, has directed. Our culture has become all too accepting of actions and choices that are nothing short of spitting in God’s holy face because we think we know better than Him. We think our happiness and comfort are more important than His righteousness.

We are wrong.

Sadly, if we don’t see the error of our ways, we will reap the kinds of consequences none wants to see. Those who are in Christ will spend eternity with Him. But those who choose their own way, walking against God, will find that this will be their eternal destiny. And it won’t be a choice they can reverse.


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