For Such A Time As This

Maximizing everyday moments to glorify God

Give it an hour

on May 6, 2015

We live in an area that could be considered the country, sort of. It’s not a traditional neighborhood – there are fields all around us. For most of the past couple weeks, we’ve seen an unusual amount of rain. Nearly every day. Couple that with a schedule that leaves little time for luxuries like gardening, and I have a yard overflowing with weeds.

It seemed overwhelming. I’d see it driving home and feel the panic of knowing I was getting close to shutting down about it. It had nearly gotten to the point that I might not be able to pull the weeds, even if I had the time. Some were becoming small bushes.

It was bad, I tell you.

But today, I received an unexpected blessing. An unplanned power outage caused my office to close for the day and I found myself with the gift of time.

I was thinking about my endless to-do list, trying to determine the best use of my time when I felt a nudge. “Give it an hour,” I heard. I wondered what difference an hour would make, but I put my gloves on and headed out to the front yard.

It was hard work. Wet, heavy, big weeds had overtaken my front flower bed. But rather than look at all that I had to do, I decided to focus on a little area. Start there and see. And from that area, I moved to another, and another. And in that hour’s time, what do you know? It made a significant difference in the appearance of the front of the house. It’s not perfect, but it has given me a level of confidence and energy to keep at it. I’m inspired to do more.

Credit: Dr. James Dobson

Credit: Dr. James Dobson

Isn’t it like that when we spend time with God? We get so rushed and hurried in our daily lives that we forget to take the time and spend it in His awesome presence.  Just taking those moments to thank Him and remember all He has done for me brings me back to the place of reverence and awe that He deserves in my life.

What if, like my garden, I gave Him an hour? An hour of just being with Him. How much different would my life and my perspective be? How much more joy would I have?

I think I need to rededicate my efforts and see. Perhaps when I heard, “give it an hour,” that wasn’t so much about pulling the weeds in my garden as it was to pull the weeds out of my life and honor Him with my time?

Are you with me?


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