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Giving it up

on February 17, 2015

I don’t usually give anything up for Lent anymore. I used to, when I was growing up. Because I had to. It seemed to be required in my church. So, I did it. Typically, I gave up something like chocolate, potato chips or soda. You know, real life-altering stuff. It was an exercise in deprivation and self-control, to some degree. Which is good, I suppose.

But it didn’t really change me or prepare me for anything.

This year, for some reason, I’ve felt a tug to give up something. What that something was, I wasn’t clear. So, I prayed. God answered in the form of an article by Phil Ressler that I stumbled upon. It offered some other, very interesting, suggestions of things to give up for Lent.

Things that might really have an impact on who I am in 40 days. Things that would bring me closer to Jesus, the reason for the time of preparation anyway.

Just a few examples:

Fear of failure: I don’t know where you stand on this, but this is a biggie for me. For whatever reason, fear of failure has crippled me in the past, and even now. The funny thing is, that whenever I have taken bold steps in faith, God has 100% blessed and honored them. So, what is holding me back? There is a fear/faith battle inside me that is constant. What about you? Shall we commit together to losing this fear?

Feelings of unworthiness: Oh ouch. As the “fat kid” growing up, my self-worth took a beating. That little chubby girl is still hiding somewhere inside me, and she pipes up whenever the slightest hint of insecurity rises. God has been working with me on this for years, and I know we still have some work to do, but the truth is, I am “fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps. 139:14)” and I should “Let the King be enthralled by your (my) beauty (Psalm 45:11),” so that is where I choose to live.

Comparison: What woman doesn’t struggle with this? Girls, we need to Let. It. Go. God made each of us differently, for a reason. He doesn’t want us to all be the same. Why would He? He has a plan and a purpose for each of our lives, so of course He equipped us differently! I need this reassurance!

The list is terrific and there is more information for each of the 40 things Ressler suggests we consider giving up for Lent. I recommend you read the entire article. Maybe something will resonate with you as well.

Perhaps, this is a start of a new, and life-changing trend! Are you with me?


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