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Who am I following?

on January 8, 2015

If you’ve never driven in a snowstorm, let me share a bit of info for you. Very quickly, the road, and any markings it has (like lane and median striping) disappears. Pretty soon, it’s an icy, slippery, undefined mess. The snow itself is tricky enough to maneuver, but then there is the added challenge of where you actually are on the road versus where you might think you are.

snowy roadThis can be especially difficult on the highway, where things like stop signs and street lights are not a factor (they tend to help a little on city streets). You are basically stuck following whoever is in front of you, relying on them to lead the way.

Where I live, we recently had one of these storms and after navigating it for a while, it got me thinking – “how do I know the person in front of me knows the way?”

Isn’t life like that?

If we spend our time following people, how do we know they know “the way?” Jesus told us to follow Him – and only Him. He will lead us in the path of righteousness (Psalm 23:3) and He will not lead us astray.

The Bible also promises that God’s word will be like a lamp for our feet and light for our path (Psalm 119:105). So, why do we spend so much time like lost sheep, following in places we should not be?

I know for me, I have a tendency to become over enthusiastic and follow – like a sports fan mentality. In my excitement, I forget the true focus and purpose of the path I’m on.

In other cases, it could be that we are just looking for an easy way. The enemy will make sure there is always an option that isn’t in our best interest. We need to be alert, aware of his deceit and attempts to get us off course.

Whatever the reason, we must be diligent in our pursuit of Jesus and learn to recognize when we are getting stuck in the snow – and find our way back to Him.

So, as the new year begins, I am re-dedicating myself to intentionally following Jesus. I pray to seek Him daily in whatever form or fashion He deems necessary in order to make sure my path remains straight.

What about you? What path are you on?


4 responses to “Who am I following?

  1. Deb says:

    Thanks for your blog piece today. I needed to hear this as I begin the process of finding new employment. Keeping my eyes on Jesus in the most important lead I have! Keep sharing His word!

  2. Jeannie says:

    Your Blog is always so refreshing to me; the truth (God’s Word) you share is a light onto the path prepared for me by him. You have a beautiful gift in writing!

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