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Be prepared

on April 1, 2014

“So you, too, must keep watch! For you don’t know what day your Lord is coming. (Matthew 24:42 NLT)

The speaker from the American Red Cross was telling us about their response team’s involvement with a tremendous wildfire that happened near where I live. He told a story of one evacuee who was incredibly calm among the chaos.


Photo credit: CBS 4 Denver

While everyone else panicked and grabbed random, sometimes unnecessary items when they were told to evacuate, this family calmly grabbed their essentials that were already placed in storage bins. They had prepared in advance, in the event the call came. Her demeanor was remarkably calm considering a raging fire was burning out of control within feet of her family’s home.

Her reason? She was ready.

It got me thinking.

We know Jesus is coming back. He told us so. He doesn’t lie, he cannot lie. So, because He said it, it’s going to happen. We can count on it. The question is, are we ready?

Jesus told us that his return would be swift. That two men would be in a field and only one would be taken (Matthew 24:40). Our job is to live each day as if it is the day of His return. I know that I am going to be with Him in Heaven. But, while I am still here on earth, I have a job to do.

I need to be living each day with the resolve to be ready for anything – whether it is an opportunity to witness or it’s the day I go to Heaven, I want to be prepared.

It isn’t an easy task.

Perhaps, we can take a lesson from the calm woman in the fire. She was evacuated. That meant, she was forced to leave her home, most of her belongings and probably a lot of stuff that any of us would deem important. Her perspective was such that she had peace. She knew that she had the important stuff with her. She had what really mattered.

When I go out each day, am I taking what matters or am I getting caught up in being concerned about keeping a grip on the stuff that really doesn’t matter? What’s important? My relationship with Him. My family. Loving others as He would have me do. Keeping my heart open to His leading. His Word.

If I have that, I have all I need.


One response to “Be prepared

  1. 😀 sounds like a convesation to be had over a large pizza. Awesome word lady.

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