For Such A Time As This

Maximizing everyday moments to glorify God

Storehouses of blessings

on February 1, 2014

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.´ Malachi 3:10 NIV

It is fleshly human nature to hold onto our possessions, our money, and our time with a death grip. I’m guilty of it. Getting so wrapped up in my stuff, my wants and my schedule that I forget to step aside and allow God to work.

But when we do! Oh, the miracles that can happen.

ImageIn a few weeks, I will be running to help raise awareness for an organization that helps restore the broken lives of those rescued from the despicable practice of human slavery. In order to participate, each member of the team commits to raise a minimum amount of money. Our job, beyond training for the race, is to encourage our friends, family, co-workers, etc. to support the effort through financial donations. And, we have a deadline.

In the past few days, there were as many as 32 people on the nearly 200-member team who had not met the funding goal. There was a rally cry. Let’s band together to help them. Emails, Facebook posts and Twitter updates all began making the rounds. Amazingly, one-by-one, the number was being reduced.

Last night, with the deadline looming and only hours to go, there were still a handful of committed, dedicated runners who had not met their goal. Facebook was on fire. Several team members began a countdown, so-to-speak, encouraging their friends and family to help a person they likely have not even met. Yet we are committed to the same goal. The practice of human trafficking MUST be stopped and we cannot sit and do nothing.

With 23 minutes left until the deadline, only one person remained short of the goal. And she was short in a big way. She needed almost $300 to meet the minimum. That’s when God went to work.

My son and I were watching the action, and I was doing what I could to help – praying, making a small donation, posting and encouraging others to do the same. As my son watched, his heart felt a tug. He went into his room and came out with a donation and asked me to give it for her! Wow. But then.

There were mere minutes left, and my soon-to-be friend (see, I haven’t met her) still needed $200. I began to pray harder and my son was hovering over my shoulder at the computer. Please God, show up. My son told me to refresh the page. As I did, tears filled both our eyes. At the very last possible minute, a donation came in that put her over the minimum! It was amazing! I burst into tears and whispered to my son, “We just witnessed a miracle.”

God isn’t limited by our standards. He has more than enough to supply all our needs. He has capacity beyond our comprehension. We get caught up in our own minds, trapped by the workings of this world. But God. He made it all. His storehouses overflow with blessings of every kind.

When we are willing to open our hearts and let him move in them, however he desires, we will be amazed at the results. He will blow our doors off with what he can do. Sometimes it’s monetary. Sometimes not. Being open to the leading of his hand will unleash amazing outcomes that we cannot begin to fathom.

Praise God.


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