For Such A Time As This

Maximizing everyday moments to glorify God

“He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him.” Daniel 2:22 NIV

on October 3, 2013

My finger hovered over the send button on the email. Pressing it would expose one of my most vulnerable areas. Letting someone see me in a light that I’d prefer to keep hidden. I had to trust that the recipient would honor their promise of keeping the information for record keeping purposes only. But it took nearly everything in me to believe that promise.

Don’t we also try to do that with God?

Keep those things that are ugly, dark or vulnerable hidden, protected by our walls of camouflage, hoping they will stay unexposed. Not wanting to expose them for fear that they will be used against us and others will see things in us that we aren’t comfortable sharing.

  • Our attitude towards something or someone.
  • Harboring a hurt or refusing to forgive an offense.
  • A spirit of ingratitude.

But left unchecked, instead of staying hidden, those things fester and begin to take up more space in our hearts. When that happens, we risk them spilling over into our lives in ways that will be worse than our fears. The ugliness comes out when we least expect it or want it.

  • An outburst against a loved one.
  • Anger expressed toward the one who caused the hurt.
  • Prideful expectations of more.

God promises that He not only already knows the condition of our hearts, He loves us anyway and loves us too much to leave us the way we are. He wants to change it. And, honestly, only He can! Left of my own volition, I will slink back toward those attitudes and actions that will fill my heart with the ugliness of sin.

But God will shed light into those dark places, filling them and exposing them so that we can heal, change and become more like Him. It is a vulnerable place, but He promises to work it for good. He says we can trust Him. And, I believe Him.

I struggle with heart issues, but I continually pray for Him to work in my heart and transform me into a more loving, forgiving, grateful follower. Will you join me?



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