For Such A Time As This

Maximizing everyday moments to glorify God

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time.” 1Peter 5:6

on October 30, 2009
The job of every believer is to help spread God’s fame and tell His story to the world. It’s a big job, no doubt, but if each of us commits to do his or her part, it makes it all the more achievable. I’ve always believed that God has given me an ability to communicate via the written word. Now, don’t get me wrong, I took that gift as an ability that would be helpful in the everyday stuff of life. You know, work memos, reports, a poem or two here and there, etc. I never, ever thought He had a bigger plan for it. Oh, boy was I wrong!

Six months ago, I was able to spend a weekend in a place that opened up a very direct connection to God. I sat in wonder at His creation, all alone with Him. Just being. I was at a point where I wasn’t sure about a lot of things, mostly about His direction and purpose for my life. As I prayed and meditated in that profound place, God revealed that He intended for me to help write His story. No doubt about it, direct, clear and intentional. THAT is why He gave me whatever gifts I have. In response, I started this blog. I really didn’t know what to expect, other than I prayed that God would provide me with enough words and maybe a little wisdom to begin to populate it with something worth reading.

In these short six months, I have been overwhelmed by the response to it. Just when I think no one’s reading it, I get an email, or a comment or text that profoundly moves me. Many times, I am moved to the point of tears. People DO read it, and God is using these pages and words to move hearts, encourage steps in faith and trust in His plan. And for that, I am humbled, honored and extremely grateful.

As I move through life, I am constantly challenged and find myself praying and seeking His guidance more and more. What a wonderful place to be. It’s when we learn that process and submit to His will, not ours, that we are set on a course that is beautifully designed to bring Him glory. And, I am slowly discovering, in that process, I am blessed with the opportunity to do something that I love deeply and brings me great pleasure. Of course! God didn’t just haphazardly throw us together – the gifts and talents that each of us possess are specifically placed in us to knit together the greatest story of all. HIS story!

If this blog has been an encouragement or challenged you, please tell me. I genuinely care what you think about the topics and thoughts contained. I’m certainly no expert, and I am definitely not looking for recognition, but your feedback will help make the next six months (and beyond) better. We are all working together. I’m just playing a very small part in a much bigger, much more important story.

I’m humbled before God and you, thank you for the opportunity to somehow, ever-so-simply touch your life. My prayer is that in our own way, we will bring forth new chapters in His story. Blessings!


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