For Such A Time As This

Maximizing everyday moments to glorify God

Sing joyfully to the Lord, you righteous; it is fitting for the upright to praise him. Psalm 33:1

on June 1, 2009

My son, Trevor, me and Chris Tomlin

Music has always been a huge part of life for me and my family. It seems like we always have music playing and we’re singing. I’ve been a music nut for as long as I can remember. But the past six months or so have been truly transformational in the music department! For the past few years, the music at our church has been slowly filtering into our everyday listening. First, we added KLOVE to our presets, and then The Message became a staple on my satellite radio top 5. And, the music of artists such as Chris Tomlin, Third Day, Tree63, the Newsboys and Mercy Me found its way into my cd collection and onto my iPod.

I’ve written about how this past January, I was blessed to win two tickets to see a Chris Tomlin concert in Denver. We were also lucky enough to meet him and other band members, along with Israel Houghton, who was touring with him. They were all so amazingly gracious and humble. I’ve been able to meet many “famous” people over the years in one capacity or another. Gracious and humble are not usually the words that come to mind when describing those encounters. But Chris, Israel and others were different. As great as it was to meet them and see that they were truly special, it was the amazing worship of that night that really opened up my eyes. I’ve never felt that way before. Sure, numerous times during church services, I am moved to tears – almost every week, actually. But that night took it to a much higher level. I didn’t want that feeling to end ever! That had to be a taste of what it will be like in Heaven one day when we’re all praising Him around the throne!

So, from then on, the joyful noise in my life has almost exclusively become worship and praise music. I can’t think of better ways to start and end my days – I have noticed my temperament has softened and I am less stressed. Even with things in life that are pretty trying, the music and praise that has become a staple of every day keeps my focus in check. And the best part is the impact it is having on my children. They both love to sing and we’re always singing when we’re together, especially in the car. To hear my son sing like Chris Tomlin or my daughter tackle a Francesca Battistelli song brings the biggest smile to my lips. I am joyful, thankful and humbled by how God uses such gifted people to spread His message. And I am so thankful that He opened up our hearts to receive that message.

I just put the kids to bed before writing this. Each one has their own special cd of their favorite Christian music. And, for months now, they each ask for it to play as they’re falling asleep. A I left Trevor’s room, he was listening to this: “Sing, sing, sing. And make music with the heavens, we will sing, sing, sing. Grateful that you hear us, when we shout your praise, lift high the name of Jesus.” What a wonderful way to head into slumber and what a great way to wrap up the gift of another day.


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