For Such A Time As This

Maximizing everyday moments to glorify God

Do not put your trust…in mortal men, who cannot save…But happy are those . . . whose hope is in the LORD their God. Psalms 146: 3, 5 NLT

on May 24, 2009

Those who know me pretty well know what a big fan of Jimmy Buffett I am. Music, books, an unbelievably successful brand and an all-around lifestyle – laid back and beach-ready. All pretty great stuff and I’ve been a Parrothead for over 20 years. I was in Phoenix at one of my company’s corporate offices. I also happened to have a ticket to Jimmy Buffett’s concert while I was there. The day of the show, as a co-worker and I were leaving a restaurant, we literally ran right into Jimmy! I was pretty shocked, to say the least. Embarrassingly, I stumbled, didn’t say a lot but did manage to ask him if he had a moment for a picture. He has a pretty solid reputation for being humble and gracious, so I really didn’t think it was asking a lot. However, to my surprise, he refused. I was completely deflated. I went on that day, went to the concert that night and had a great time, but something kept nagging at me – I kept coming back to the thought that I need to be careful about placing too much faith in anyone but God.

Then, in His perfectly accurate timing, God delivered the hammer of a reminder in the form of a daily devotional. The day after this encounter, this verse from the Psalms arrived in my inbox! And there it was, the Biblical reference point to drive home what the Holy Spirit was working on in me. I prayed and prayed – please Lord, work on my heart in this area because I know I have a tendency to put too much faith in everyday people. Help keep my focus on you because only you will never leave me nor will you ever deflate my perception of you.

I still love Jimmy, his music and his brand – I just know that he’s merely another flawed human being just like me. He needs the same grace and mercy that I do on a daily basis. So, rather than carry anger or resent the act, I pray that my God will look out for him and continue blessing him so that people can continue to find a little bit of earthly happiness in Margaritaville.


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